31 March 2012

it's time to get this party started.....

i've messed around with blogs on wordpress and blogspot and designing my own page, but when it comes down to it... nothing is going to be perfect enough for it to be finished. thus, if i intended to make any sort of attempt to add my thoughts into the blogosphere...i just have to go for it. so here it goes again........

18 September 2010

garage sales suck.

today i was working my garage sale and a lady came to me and ask for a price on two things. true, fair value on both items was a total of about $10, but in the spirit of yard sales i quoted $2 for both. she looked me straight in the eye and said, "how 'bout $1." i immediately caved and agreed. then, before i had realized what was happening the lady was in her car and off down the street... leaving me with... less.. than..one dollar. really?

(yes, it's half a dollar).

this is why i hate garage sales.

02 August 2009

I heart Max

My younger sister had her third child this last Friday and for some reason I feel a special connection to the kid. I've only seen pictures at this point but he is so rad. It's inexplicable but the little guy feels like he'll be my buddy. I wish I could be the auntie that spoils him by buying him everything in the world he could possibly want, but all I have right now to give is me and it's motivation to make me the best me possible for him. Here's to you Max man. I'll be there to visit soon!